- Friday, June 13, 2014

Why I Started TECH VIVO

TECH VIVO is a site for stories on synthetic biology and biological engineering. The topics we cover range from the physical underpinnings of life to the practical know-how for safe genetic engineering and sustainable agricultural systems.

For billions of years, biological systems have been quietly solving the most fundamentally challenging problems on Earth in efficient and ingenious ways. Humans, on the other hand, have had to resort to increasingly resource intensive and energy inefficient means to solve those same problems, often involving inelegant and unsightly industrial processes.

ways our currently engineered solutions fall short

That being said, us humans aren't really doing that bad if you think about it. Yeah, there's a steep learning curve to managing the resources of a whole planet, but over time our technologies have continued to make our lives easier and safer. And progress hasn't stopped yet. In fact, with what we're learning right know, it's possible that in the near future our standards for efficiency and sustainability will rival those of even the most advanced natural systems.

efficient natural systems that have inspired innovative technologies

That's why we're currently living in such an important period in human history. It looks like we're just at the cusp of understanding the complexity of large-scale biological systems precisely enough to make effective use of them. I'm writing this blog to communicate these ideas percolating through the synthetic biology and bioengineering sector right now.

I like to focus my attention for this blog to cutting edge research on synthetic systems and biological models. The people studying these biological models and simulations aim to explain the complexity and beauty of nature on all levels: from molecules bouncing around, to cells crawling over each other, developing embryos, elephants grazing in a field, algal blooms, and even up to global ecological systems. The scientists and advocates that I focus on are searching for novel technologies from natural sources as well as seeking to build a comprehensive knowledge of nature for its protection and sustainable use in the future.

Overall, I just hope that people enjoy this site. If you keep coming back, that means a little more info on the future of biotechnology is getting out into the world. We need more smart, conscientious people to be shaping the future of biotechnology. I think it's important for that to happen. So thank you for reading.

It's a live world.... let's get biological!

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