In addition to writing this blog on biological systems, I also do my own original research in the Biophysical Sciences program at the University of Chicago. In Dr. Ed Munro's lab, I work on modeling and measuring the nanoscale biological material that makes up a cell's insides. My work aims to model this nanoscale material for use in biomimetic self-patterning systems.

I'm writing the details of my FirstHand research here to help improve the transparency of my scientific findings. I'm a big advocate of the Open Science movement, and blogging the details of my work is an important part of making scientific findings open and accessible to everyone.

I post synopses of publications that my colleagues and I are working on. I'm trying to include methods and extra information that might not have made it into print, but which are useful for reproducibility.

I'm also posting the chapters of my PhD dissertation while I'm writing it. I want to write it in a really straightforward way, full of hyperlinks to supporting information.

Finally, when I come up with a new hypothesis, I sometimes start a mini-project that I don't get to follow up on. But I want other people to steal and run with if they should have the desire.

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