Vis viva is a latin phrase that means energy of life. It was originally used to describe the law of conservation of energy, but I want to redefine the term to describe the way life uses energy. The VisViva series focuses on the amazing ways living organisms have evolved unique techniques for optimizing their energy efficiency. From the energy conversion of plant photosynthesis to the locomotion of jellyfish and whales, biological systems have been evolving solutions to complex problems that exceed even our best human engineering.

  • Newly discovered materials: Bio-inspired technologies aim to mimic newly discovered biomachines and biomaterials to improve existing technology and to invent never-before-seen materials and devices.
  • Evolution optimized designs: Marveling at the feats of our natural world, we find that evolution has selected finely-tuned designs, optimized far beyond the limits of our current engineering know-how.
  • Deeper understanding of fundamental principles: Inspired by the efficiency and robustness of biological systems, researchers hope to leverage basic discoveries in molecular biology, physiology and ecology for efficient and affordable innovations.
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